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My career as an accountant is pleasant, and leaves me enough free time to pursue my hobbies. In short, I could have simply sailed happily through life toward my eventual retirement party. But I realized that to do so would be to set a severe limit upon my potential. I require constant, arduous challenges that demand all of my resources, both physical and mental. I understand fully the rigors associated with studying law, and I am prepared to dedicate as much time as it takes to understand its theories and practices.

I believe that certain qualities distinguish a superior law school graduate: These qualities are vital to law, and can also reap extensive rewards in many other areas of life. I am ready, willing, and prepared to accept the challenges I will face during law school, and look forward to forging a successful career, both as a student and as an attorney.

For access to free sample successful admissions essays, visit EssayEdge. Used by admissions officers to decide between two or even two hundred candidates with almost identical profiles, the application essay is often the only guide admissions officers have of your ambition, personality, and interests. As a result, your essay must be unique, captivating, and informative. While I graduated, went on to land decent jobs, married, built a new home, and raised a child, my brother did not escape the vortex of his own eroding life.

As you have read, his story ended very badly. That is the Cliffs Notes version. I felt I was just going through the motions and stagnating quickly on a personal level.

I know that I must push myself to excel, but from this point forward, I must do so with something I know I have an interest in and will enjoy for the rest of my years. One of the classes for a core requirement in my liberal arts major was Broadcast and Copyright Law, taught by Dr.

Ed Glick during the third year of my undergraduate studies. The class captivated me instantaneously. I still recall Dr. I was one of the few students in the class who earned an A, and it was a high A at that.

That class was not taught by Dr. Glick, and although the instructor was not as enthusiastic, the subject matter was still extremely interesting. As with the other law class, I earned an A. The recent deep personal reflection I took showed me that, without any degree of doubt, law is the natural extension of my personality and talents. While an additional letter of recommendation may be submitted, please only do so when the additional recommendation will provide a different insight or perspective into your academic abilities.

While transfer applicants must provide letters of recommendation, it is encouraged, but not required, that such letters are written by law school faculty. Visiting students need not provide letters of recommendation. In such cases, Brooklyn Law School expects candidates to recognize how valuable such references are to the Admissions Committee in its assessment of the intellectual contribution a candidate will make in the classroom. We, therefore, expect someone in this situation to exercise good judgment in determining who is best qualified to write these required letters.

The Law School strongly suggests that candidates submit letters through the CAS Letter of Recommendation Service, already included in the Credential Assembly Service registration fee, as this will speed the processing of your application.

Alternatively, such letters may be submitted by the applicant, or they may be forwarded separately by the persons requested to write the letters, directly to our Office of Admissions.

Please do not submit duplicate letters. It is not intended as a letter of recommendation, but is an assurance of good conduct and a confirmation that there were no disciplinary actions against you while at the college. Simply send the form to the office which handles your transcripts and other official credentials and ask them to complete and return the form to our Admissions Office.

As part of the application process, 2-Year J. Degree Program applicants deemed competitive for admission may be invited for an evaluative, personal interview with the Dean of Admissions. This interview will be conducted in person, on our campus, or off-campus, via Skype. For candidates to other programs, however, the volume of applications received normally precludes the Law School from granting personal interviews as part of the admissions process. Only in very unusual situations, where special circumstances exist, will the Office of Admissions consider granting a formal interview at the request of the student.

In such cases, applicants should direct their written requests for an interview to the Dean of Admissions and should relate, as completely as possible, why they feel their circumstances could best be explained in person. Applicants shall be notified by e-mail as to whether their request has been granted or denied by the Admissions Committee. If you completed any post-secondary schooling outside the US including its territories or Canada, you must use this service for the evaluation of your foreign transcripts.

The one exception to this requirement is if you completed the foreign schooling through a study-abroad, consortium, or exchange program sponsored by a US or Canadian institution, and the work is clearly indicated as such on the home campus transcript. The service is included in the Credential Assembly Service registration fee. To use the authentication and evaluation service, log in to your online account and follow the instructions for registering for CAS.

Be sure to request that the appropriate documents from each institution be sent directly to CAS. Please note that more time is usually required to receive foreign transcripts. When to Submit an Application, above.

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