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❶The process of writing an essay usually begins with the close reading of a text.

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Firstly, the researcher has to understand the research problem effectively before searching for the literature of the given topic so that proper key words can be used to find the data and information regarding the research problem Reed This would help the researcher to put effective input in the literature review, i. After understand the research problem, the next step will be of processing the problem in order to find the best solution for it Levy and Ellis In the second step, the researcher has to know the literature of the proposed problem and comprehend it by critically evaluate the problem from the view point of different authors.

After comprehending the data, researcher has to apply the data and analyze it to evaluate the result for the proposed research problem Levy and Ellis For making the research work effective, researcher has to understand the sources from where quality information can be available for the research work.

It helps the researcher to understand the problem from the authentic information rather than fake information. The authentic information makes the research work more effective and helps in finding the solution efficiently. There are various sources of data viz. Primary data source includes survey through structured and semi structured interviews, observation, autobiographies, statistics, surveys, opinion polls, scientific data, etc.

While, the authentic secondary data sources include biographies, textbooks, articles, etc. The next important step while conducting the literature review in the research topic is to check the applicability of the literature. Some time researcher has to include theories and models in the research work, thus researcher has to check the relevancy of these models and theories before using them in the research work Levy and Ellis This report helps the reader to consider several points at the time of conducting literature review to make it more favorable in determining the relevant solutions.

A Quick Guide to Success. Informing Science Journal, 9, p. Traditional and Systematic Techniques. Research methodology plays an important role in any dissertation to achieve research aims and objective and collect adequate data. A well define research methodology assist the researcher to conduct an effective research study and collect reliable and valid information. Research methodology is also helpful for the researcher to define research aims and objectives in effective manner.

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All of these people work tirelessly to hit your deadline and produce a dissertation that you will love. In addition to this, the relevance with current scenario will help to sort-out the problems effectively. The dissertation topic should be original and unique in order to avoid duplicity and continuation of other research paper. This will keep the interest of perspective reader of the dissertation and will also avoid wastage of money Roberts In addition to this, the freshness of the dissertation will help researcher to come up with the interesting and innovative ideas to enhance research creditability.

The dissertation topic should be research-able and exploring to provide researcher the maximum scope to bringing something new into the area of research. This will help researcher to conduct an effective research on the relevant topic. At the same time, it will also help to find relevant data and information regarding the research. It should also be considered, while selecting a dissertation topic that the research can be conducted in the stipulated time period as well as the available finance.

Maximum research papers lack their creditability due to lack of money and time Ogden Availability of finance and time helps researcher in the effective investigation of the research problem. In addition to this, it also helps the researcher in in-depth analysis of the data and information regarding the research paper.

The research topic should be manageable in nature so that it can be effectively handled by the researcher. This also leads many areas to be untouched by the researcher that also affects validity of the research paper. In regard to this, manageable topic will help to explore all the relevant areas of the research to accomplish research successfully.

Try to avoid controversial topics: The researcher should try to avoid selecting controversial topic that will be effective in the further publication of research. Many times, it has been seen that many researches lack their publication due to controversy of the topics Bryant There also be the chances of restricting researcher employment, tenure etc.

So, it would better for the research as well researcher to avoid controversial topics to select. This may also restrict to get relevant information regarding the research. This blogpost by the team of dissertationhelpservice. A literature review is an important part of research that analyzes different literatures in critical manner to answer the research question effectively.

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