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❶I support Manchester United http: Others who crossed the commander would be beaten with wooden planks, the official said.

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WCC names new Vice President and Dean of Administrative Services

Nevertheless, the restraining order remains in place, prohibiting the mayor from doing work at Memorial Field. In the interim, Kela Simunoya, owner of the Tennis Center, continues to seek access to the tennis center property in order to have insurance adjusters assess the damage that was done.

It is our joint responsibility to seek opportunities to increase revenue, control expenses and rebuild our fund balance, so we can leave this county better off tomorrow than it is today. Staff members that helped make "Family Fun Day" a success. Those in attendance, which included many children, enjoyed an assortment of wonderful food, a free Zumba Class, face painting, cotton candy, many giveaways, raffles and the wonderful sounds of a DJ.

As in previous years, family members were extremely impressed and praised the staff for putting together such a festive day at the popular facility, nestled in a quiet and private area of Mount Vernon. She was filling in for longtime Mistress of Ceremonies, Rosemarie Cornacchio, who was unable to attend due to a personal family matter. Like throughout the entire country, patriotism is at an all-time high in Mount Vernon, prompting nearly participants to attend the celebration held on the Old Village Green at St.

Paul, an attorney the City Council has retained to represent them, speaking during press conference. According to the United States Department of Justice lawsuit against Mount Vernon, for years, the City of Mount Vernon has discharged raw sewage and other illicit pollutants from its storm sewer system into the Hutchinson and Bronx Rivers.

They also urged their peers to be the authors of their own futures, with Boswell offering three specific tips. Hamilton encouraged the students to stand up to injustice and make a difference at a challenging time in our country.

I encourage you to use the power of your voice. Nala Parks was honored by Dr. Hamilton with the Most Improved Student Award, and also performed a vocal solo as part of the commencement ceremony. This is a problem Mount Vernon has faced since For that reason, the City Council has been actively engaged in addressing the issue and has taken measures to fund two 2 major pieces of equipment.

The City Council has also provided funding to hire eight 8 additional employees in the Department of Public Works, specifically to build and to train a sewer team. The City Council has done all it can; however, the day-to-day operations of the city are the responsibility of the mayor and his administration. While Mayor Thomas has been encouraging the DOJ to impose fines on the city and has requested for the DOJ to command the City Council and the comptroller to allocate tens of millions of dollars to repair the sewers, the City Council believes in resolving the matter in a method that is fiscally responsible and protects the taxpayers.

The City Council believes in a common-sense approach that will fund the work over time through bonds and the allocation of state and federal aid. Yet, aid cannot be applied for until there is a plan in place. The mayor has been negligent in his responsibility as the chief executive officer of the city. He has failed to concentrate on the urgent issues facing Mount Vernon. Graham will have bus transportation available. Seats will be filled on a first come, first-served basis. Registrations will be taken from 8 to Children must be 4 years old by December 1, Their more advanced pre-literacy and math skills help them advance in the early grades.

Children bring a variety of strengths and weaknesses to the classroom. Some may need additional support. Children will engage in growth and educational experiences, such as field trips, activities about families, digital communications, computer coding and iPad usage.

The robust curriculum includes reading, writing, math, science, and social studies learning necessary for success. Students will learn in whole groups and small groups and develop social and emotional skills. For further information — Call the Pre-K Office at According to Mayor Thomas, progress on correcting violations has been impeded by a lack of funding by the City Council and comptroller.

Mayor Thomas said compliance can be achieved within 18 to 24 months if the City Council and comptroller pay for the necessary resources, which includes equipment purchases and funding the Planning Commissioner, City Engineer, a four-person crew for the Department of Public Works, and two grant writers in the Planning Department.

Or we can default into inaction, which buys nothing but bad outcomes — unaffordable penalties, dirty water, crushing tax burdens and a city that will shed businesses and jobs. The choice is clear. He urged residents to attend City Council meetings to voice support for taking immediate action to achieve an affordable solution.

For this team, winning was never the priority. Mount Vernon had a team decades ago, revived the program, and has been under the guidance of head Coach Rocco Alianiello for the past two years. The Knights participated in a total of twenty-five competitions this school year in four sports; indoor soccer, poly-hockey, basketball and volleyball.

But it was always a mutually supportive environment. The pool will be available to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9 a. Four lanes of the pool will be available for open swimming and two lanes will be open for lap swimming only. Children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Coast Guard-approved flotation devices will be allowed. In July , Assemblyman J. It was affected by a leak in and due to budget cuts, the district was not able to afford repairs. The capital secured by Pretlow allowed Mount Vernon to bring the pool into compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. Renovating the high school pool was a priority for the district, but the funding secured by Pretlow accelerated the plan, which consisted of three phases and was completed in December, Zeta Nu Omega members displaying the UN flag.

Model UN is a simulation of the UN organization and its participants take roles of "delegates" from various countries and debate current issues. The subject matter and current issue was on Climate Change and participants represented different countries including but not limited to Canada, Japan, China, France and the United States.

Participants acted as diplomats, made speeches, negotiated, drafted resolutions and adopted resolutions during the day long program. It was recognized that climate change is a complex problem through the viewpoint of the several countries represented during the simulation.

Everyone who attended built a bigger capacity to the views of other countries and all left the conference with a stronger knowledge and understanding of the great work of the UN. Brown the chicken pieces to seal in their flavor. Add the tomato sauce and the chicken stock or water to the chicken and bring to a boil.

Cover, reduce heat and simmer for minutes. Rinse the rice under cool running water until it runs clear. Drain the rice and stir into the soup pot. Raise the heat and bring to a boil once more. Reduce heat to medium and cook uncovered for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the peas and cook for an additional minutes or until the asopao is as liquid or dry as you prefer.

Heat the sliced pimentos and the asparagus in their juices. Drain and use to garnish each plate of asopao. Serves 6 Serve with tostones…. Omega-3s, commonly called "fish oil" because of their primary source, have been shown to lessen the intensity of joint pain and stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis and neck and back pain, as well as pain caused by inflammatory bowel disease and menstrual cramps. Omega-3 fatty acids lower inflammation within the body, which helps reduce conditions such as heart disease.

The same mechanism may be at work in lowering pain. Indeed, some research subjects with chronic pain who took 1, to 2, milligrams of omega-3 in supplement form daily were able to reduce or eliminate their use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, in less than three months.

Those medications, such as ibuprofen, can cause troublesome and sometimes dangerous side effects, especially with long-term use. Fish oil, even in supplement form, appears to be safer. Check with your health care provider if you are taking blood thinners or high doses of aspirin before taking omega-3 supplements.

The highest levels of omega-3s in food are found in fatty fish such as mackerel, Atlantic or sockeye salmon, lake trout, herring, sardines and canned light tuna. Following a Mediterranean-type diet—with emphasis mainly on fish, vegetables, fruits and little saturated fat—also appears to help reduce arthritic pain.

Vernon, NY Letter to the Editor. Commercial and residential development in Mount Vernon has long been out of control. It is now reaching epidemic proportions that are destroying every corner of the city. Our zoning code has not been updated since Our comprehensive plan dates from and is still the official standard, even though a new draft comprehensive plan has been waiting for approval by the City Council for almost ten years.

A model tree ordinance was carefully researched and written by our volunteer CitizenTree organization. It, too, is stalled in City Council committee despite the endorsement of the Planning Board. The Bikes for Kids program provides an uplifting and empowering experience for kids who need it most. Since its inception, the Bikes for Kids program have given away over 3, bikes and helmets to underprivileged children. Bike Day is less about Community or Corporate Giving, but more about people coming together for common good.

Hats off to the Foundation for Life, Wartburg, and all the volunteer and participants for reminding all of us that the resources for making our community better are within all of us. Following presentations by Tenant and Owner Members, and a rebuttal by one of the Owner Members, the Board unanimously passed significant rent increases.

Normally, the Board is comprised of two Tenant reps, two Owner reps, and five Public reps. Due to two vacancies, there were only three Public reps on the Board this year. Tenants were at a disadvantage last year, when they were solely represented by then-brand-new Tenant Member Jean Anderson of New Rochelle. Long-time Tenant Member Rev. Emma Jean Loftin-Woods was ill and did not participate in the proceedings.

Nevertheless, with support from fellow tenant advocates, Anderson was able to deliver modest increases for tenants: Loftin-Woods never resigned from the Board as she repeatedly promised over the last few years. Now that her term has expired, tenants deserve new representatives who will promote, rather than hurt, their interests.

That, and having the Board schedule testimony sufficiently after landlord survey numbers are released, and schedule the vote sufficiently after Board presentations, both of which would allow for considered analysis of the facts before setting new rates. I am optimistic next year will be better. Many learned from previous shows and came equipped with folding chairs, blankets, pillows, snacks and other outdoor comfort items.

And those that attended could not help to notice the masses of teenagers and young people as a whole that participated in the festive event.

Our long awaited summer has arrived, many weeks of fun, relaxation, and all the summer pleasures. As we look forward to this wonderful vacation, there are many activities for children that will keep their brains stimulated and help them learn while having fun. This is particularly important for children who have special learning issues.

These ten weeks can mean a significant loss of information and skills, if we are not careful. Some children may find it very difficult to get back into their academic work in September when they have spent the lazy days of summer just hanging out, watching television, or playing video games.

If your children have not succeeded during the school year, parents may be looking for an educational program or a private tutor. Summer school may be a recommendation. It is essential that you speak to the teacher to know the program they will offer to students.

You do not want your children sitting in a room simply completing worksheets to fulfill the summer school requirement. You want a program that fits the needs of your children. Parents must ask questions. Is the teacher familiar with specific learning deficits?

What strategies will be implemented to help overcome deficits? Does the teacher have suggestions for activities to reinforce learning at home? Is the teacher patient? Listen to their responses, then make a careful decision. Plan ahead to keep minds active. Gather materials you have at home and put them in a place where you can find them when you need them. You may have phonics, reading and math workbooks, paper, pencils, pens, and crayons. Schedule some time during the week to review skills.

This will make a big difference when they return to school in September. Take the time to share these events with your children. While you are there, gather some books for summer reading. Librarians can help you find books that are appropriate and interesting. Set aside some time to read each day, and if you can, read with your children.

This builds a special bond with them. Take turns reading their books aloud. Children love to hear their parents bring the characters to life. This is one way we can encourage them to read and develop a love of reading. Everyone leads busy lives, but taking fifteen or twenty minutes to read together lets our children know that we believe that reading is valuable.

When our children can read, they have power. So share the adventure. Cuddle up with your books and read. Exhibited work ranges from charcoal to oils, photographs to collage, and mixed media to ceramics and knitting. This exhibition provides a great opportunity to view and collect original art from emerging and established artists, and to view the results from the wide variety of classes offered by the Pelham Art Center. Since its founding in , the Pelham Art Center faculty has grown as the Art Center has increased course offerings to embrace new media while continuing to provide instruction in traditional techniques.

More than 1, students, from three to ninety-plus years old, attended over visual art classes and workshops offered at the Art Center this past year. These classes are taught by more than thirty art educators, many of whom are participating in this exhibition alongside their students.

Opening reception is being held, Friday July 13, 6: Free and open to all. Independence Day will be commemorated at St. The ceremony features a reading of the full text of the Declaration of Independence and tolling, 13 times, of the colonial era church bell, saluting the original states. The keynote address will be delivered by journalist and historian Alison Cowan, who has written about Deborah Sampson, the woman who disguised herself as a man and served honorably with the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

There will also be music and refreshments and a tour of the national historic site following the morning ceremony. The site is open from 9 AM to 5 PM. Raising funds to support students with autism spectrum disorders is important to Rebecca Turner because the school, in addition to educating students from preschool through fifth grade, is also home to an autism cohort of eight classrooms.

These classes use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to increase desirable learning behaviors and decrease those behaviors that are a barrier to progress and learning. It was for the children that we service. Walking for Autism Speaks and raising money for this worthy cause goes to show that this is what we love.

June 19, Mt. Abraham Lincoln might as well have been speaking about the current state of Mount Vernon when he said, "A house divided cannot stand. Political differences are healthy. Paying for them should not be a political weapon. Who could possibly argue that a city does not have to pay its Planning Commissioner? By a vote Monday night, the Westchester County Board of Legislators approved a measure requiring that Westchester County police and public safety chaplains be active members of the clergy either residing in or presiding over congregations in Westchester.

The measure will codify as law requirements enacted as an executive order in January by County Executive George Latimer. The measures come after two former Department of Public Safety chaplains, Jeremy Reichberg and Jona Rechnitz, became embroiled in an influence peddling scandal last year. Apex Fun Run is a two-week leadership and fitness program that raises money for the top schools in America. Each student receives daily character lessons and awards as they learn what it takes to be a true leader.

They also received pledges for each lap they ran around the Apex Raceway during the fun run laps, 36 max. Protesters organizing themselves at Memorial Field prior to speeches taking place. Something needs to be done. Since the closure of Memorial Field over ten years ago, Mount Vernonites have been using the adjacent track and field across from Memorial Field — Glover Field, uneventfully. I use the track at Glover Field seven days per week, along with countless citizens from Mount Vernon.

At no time have I seen or heard of Mount Vernon residents being harassed or kept from using the track by Pelham officials or workers. Mayor Richard Thomas recently made the following statement: That feeling of being asked to leave a public place brings us back to discriminatory times. There are large signs that state the track and field is closed to the pubic just before or during said activities at the field. As a Pelham resident, I can assure you that Pelham officials understand the ongoing dilemma Mount Vernon residents have had to face concerning the endless debacle at Memorial Field.

Therefore, I can assure you that whatever the mayor experienced at Glover Field had to be a misunderstanding on his part. I encourage any Mount Vernon resident to visit Glover Field any day of the week, especially during the early morning hours, and witness how many Mount Vernonites are pleasurably using the track and the field. The Drive-In Movie series is an expansion of the Movies in the Park series, bringing the community out for some great family friendly fun.

Folks are provided with a beautiful summer evening, a great movie, and a fun old-school approach to the movies. Students from all sports attended and were celebrated at the dinner. Thank you to all of our student athletes for making me proud and thank you for making the City of Mount Vernon proud. June 15, Mt. Call Patrick Tyson, The Rally Begins at June 15, 15 Mt. I join my other City Council members in being outraged, disappointed and deeply disturbed about the unlawful destruction of the tennis bubble and courts at Memorial Field.

Their actions have widespread implications for how developers and other entrepreneurs will think about doing business in our city. Who would take the risk of investing in a place where contracts are not honored and the police will not intervene when the rule of law is ignored?

We are further committed to working with Westchester County to complete the renovation of Memorial Field and to fulfill our contractual obligation to complete the Tennis Center. The two are NOT mutually exclusive and we are doing everything within our power to make sure they happen. June 14, 14 Mt. As part of his continuing effort to improve municipal services and fight the property tax burden, Mayor Richard Thomas has hired three seasoned professionals, with extensive public and private sector experience, to take on leadership positions in city government.

Jones to serve as the Commissioner of the Buildings Department. Jones comes to City Hall with more than 25 years of experience in the utilities, engineering, and construction industries, as well as related fields.

Brett Erasmus to serve as Commissioner of Management Services. Johnson to serve as Deputy Commissioner of Taxation and Assessment. Johnson has expertise in property valuation, auditing, and business analysis. He has a worked for Fortune companies, including Sprint Corporation, where he served for decades in account retention, project management, and business analysis.

Johnson received his Bachelor of Arts from Baruch College. Professionalizing our city departments is one way my administration is working to strengthen the local economy and deliver value to the people of Mount Vernon," said Mayor Thomas. In proclaiming June as Caribbean American Heritage Month in Westchester County, the Board of Legislators will celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations within the community before our Monday, June 18, meeting.

The celebration begins at 6: This year, the Board will honor: Department of Health and Human Services. The funding will help the Network provide critical care to individuals in Mount Vernon, Yonkers, Greenburgh and the surrounding areas. The carnival was held for students who reached their reading goals this school year.

At the beginning of the school year, Superintendent Dr. Hamilton challenged kindergarten through eighth-grade students to read , books.

He then invited students who achieved their goals to the end-of-year celebration. In total, students read approximately , books this school year.

The incentives are not limited to the carnival. Throughout the year students are celebrated with recognition, book gifts, and certificates as they move towards the goal.

This year it will take place on June Students in Edward Williams School show off their uniforms in Ms. The policy allows schools in the district to mandate students wear uniforms if they present certification to the board.

Proper certification will include agreements from a minimum of 80 percent of families at the school. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Hamilton is pleased by the support this initiative has garnered. Hamilton in a letter to parents. Therefore, no student will be subject to disciplinary actions for not complying with the policy. Students will be given input on uniform selection and may receive uniform waivers for reasons of health or religious freedom.

The district will offer assistance in purchasing uniforms to families facing financial hardship. Mayor Thomas is a member of the Energy Committee which sets policies for mayors around the country to follow and implement in their own city. On Saturday, June 9, in response to a rally regarding the deflation of the bubble and eviction of Kela Tennis from Memorial Field, Mayor Richard Thomas reminds that illegal dumping under the tennis courts and at Memorial Field permitted by former Mayor Ernie Davis caused the metaphorical bubble to be burst, according to Mayor Thomas.

Since Mayor Thomas entered office in , he has put structure around the issues and set clear priorities to get Memorial Field back on track toward producing both revenue for the city and memories for its families. Mount Vernon already paid a steep price for our field being shut for a decade. It was believed that the drama was over after the City Council acknowledged the illegal dumping at the park and authorized its clean up in The matter devolved when Comptroller Deborah Reynolds and Mayor Thomas held the operator in breach of contract and ultimately revoked their privilege to operate in Mount Vernon.

In , the Thomas administration built the tennis bubble at Memorial Field. In , the Council and Kela were told that the DEC included the tennis courts as part of the area for environmental mitigation. Mayor Thomas vigorously worked to convince the DEC to allow for one summer of tennis while the city addressed other compliance issues at the site.

Kela Tennis and the City Council refuse to accept these facts and reject reality. Despite this, as another sign of good faith, Mayor Thomas made clear that once work commenced in the city would remain committed to building back the tennis courts with a bubble in the same year along with an 8-lane track and field for all sports.

Now, these possibilities are in jeopardy because of petty politics. These are the people that I work for because I am one them — displaced from Memorial Field and disinherited by the political elite. The simple truth is Mount Vernon has never negotiated for fair value or fair treatment in business, politics, or policy since Ronald Blackwood was Mayor.

The bright flight of businesses and families with means show the downward spiral and unnecessary rise in taxes until The parties are expected to return to court on July 10, for a hearing to determine whether to make the TRO permanent.

The motion, brought by the City Council of Mount Vernon, argued that the Thomas administration has consistently failed to followed legal procedures, has squandered taxpayer resources, and has destroyed City assets in violation of the City Charter — all in connection with the Memorial Field project. On June 1, , the City Council voted unanimously to transfer control of the renovation to Westchester County. Nevertheless, the Thomas administration has continued to direct unlawful and unauthorized activities and expend city resources at the site, including the controversial removal of the tennis bubble at the Kela Tennis Center.

The citizens of Mount Vernon deserve better leadership than this. The process is already underway. Mayor Thomas is going to have to find another way to distract people from his criminal case.

The award, sponsored by The Network Journal TNJ , is designed t o recognize young African - Americans who have proven to be exceptional performers in their industry and committed contributors to the development of their community.

TNJ created the 40 Under Forty Achievement Awards in to promote mentorship and pr ofessional d evelopment for the next - generation of accomplished leaders by introducing them to the established busine ss community as role models for young African - Americans. For more information, please visit www. This experience serves as a precursor to entry into a two-year or four-year nursing school.

Students sit for both written and clinical hands on testing at the completion of the program. These students get a fantastic high school education while learning valuable skills that can propel them into the workforce.

As part of the program, the students also completed their resumes. Some of the students plan to attend college and will apply for Nursing Assistant jobs in areas closer to their schools, allowing them to work and study. Carmen Palmer being presented a commemorative gold pin. After speeches, the mayor and city officials, along with veterans, presented Mount Vernon Gold Star Mother Carmen Palmer with a gold commemorative pin.

After the brief ceremony, Palmer walked over to the area where the Gold Star Mothers monument is situated and was shown a new rendition of the proposed Gold Star Mothers monument.

David Abrevaya, an artist who works for Mayor Thomas, is redesigning the unfinished monument. The city has been working over eight years to finalize the project due to a lack of funding.

Recently, State Assemblyman Gary Pretlow promised to generate the necessary funding to finally complete the well overdue monument. After reviewing the rendition of the newly designed monument, Palmer stated: Bernard Gooden, died at age twenty-two in Iraq back in According to former mayor Ernie Davis, the city failed to abide by certain promises it made to the owner of the tennis courts after the signing of a year contract. It was stipulated in the contract, according to Davis. Mayor Thomas has publicized that the owner of the tennis courts owed a substantial amount of rent money, obligating the city to remove the bubble.

But according to Davis, they were justified in not paying the city rent. The Westchester County Board of Legislators has voted to raise the age limit for the sale of tobacco and related products in Westchester from 18 to The measure will prohibit the sale not only of cigarettes and tobacco products but also e-cigarettes and vaping products to those under Earlier this month, the town of New Castle raised the age there to Last month Rockland County did the same.

New York City established 21 as its age limit in Lawmakers believe the new measure will dramatically reduce the number of new smokers and the likelihood of new addictions to vaping products, some of which have a higher nicotine content than cigarettes. The Lincoln Lounge, located at Stevens Avenue, has shuttered its doors for the second time in the last three years. The current owner completely renovated the longtime favorite and iconic Italian Restaurant when he took over the helm three years ago.

Many are surprised that he is closing after such a short period. The collapsed tennis bubble at Memorial Field. Mount Vernon has taken down the grandstands at Memorial Field because they were decayed and in disrepair. The new Memorial Field will host families, let our children play, let our aspiring young athletes practice and compete in a facility that they deserve.

We are building a multi-purpose complex with a regulation eight-land track, tennis courts, and accommodations for football, soccer, lacrosse, concerts, and activities. It will be a Field where dreams are realized and champions are made. For months, my administration has been in discussion with the private operator, who leases the facility, about our serious concerns.

They have breached their contract with the city. Despite our numerous attempts to work with them, they refused, leaving the city with no option," added Mayor Thomas. City Councilman Marcus Griffith said that the mayor failed to follow the required procedures to take down the tennis bubble, just as he did with the grandstands. County Executive George Latimer recently visited Wartburg to talk with residents and staff to learn more about the healthcare and residential options provided by Wartburg in lower Westchester County and the Bronx.

Opening day ceremonies began at 9 am and concluded with Mayor Richard Thomas throwing out the ceremonial first pitch, marking an important step forward in bringing youth sports back to Mount Vernon. The highly anticipated and publicized Memorial Day Parade was held as scheduled on Monday, Memorial Day, during a cool day and dark clouds. Prior to the start of the parade, the traditional wreath laying ceremony was held on the plaza of City Hall, which was extremely well attended by the public, dignitaries and elected officials.

Regrettably, Fonseca resigned her position within one week after being appointed. Fonseca has more than 20 years of private and public sector experience as an architect and urban planner and was an excellent choice for the position. Most recently, Fonseca was the owner and founder of her own design firm in Bronxville. Here, you can see some of my top read alouds for the back to school season. We needed more storage space for our library corner, so I use this Kallax shelf from Ikea to organize more of our chapter books by series, genre, and author.

On the library counter, I have a few bins from Target which have since been discontinued. If ever I need to replace these sturdy bins, I would opt for the same y-weave baskets I use in my back supply cabinet. The walls in the classroom library have the same design as those on the opposite side of the front of the room to create visual harmony. Near the library corner is our read aloud chair , where I sit for all our classroom read alouds. Both the chair and the table are used throughout the day as flexible seating spaces.

For the seventh year in a row, these sturdy white Kallax Shelves are working perfectly to minimize desk clutter. Students keep their books and shared art supplies organized in this space.

Last year I switched from cardboard book boxes, which had to be replaced each year to plastic book boxes, which still look like new in year two. Students use these book bins during reading workshop we use the Lucy Caulkins workshop curriculum for reading and writing. They store three classroom library books in their bin and a reading toolkit, which includes post it notes, a reading notebook, and a pencil.

At the end of the day, many of our class jobs require dusting to cut back on allergens in the room. Reducing desk clutter helps my students make more efficient transitions throughout the day, so we store our frequently used art supplies markers, colored pencils, crayons, and scissors in these Iris Pencil Boxes. It the front of our classroom is our carpet area. This is yet another flexible space throughout the day. In the morning, we gather here for morning meetings.

At the beginning of M. Workshop , reading workshop, and writing workshop, students get a close seat where they can focus for our mini lessons. During self-directed learning times throughout the day, students use this space to apply their learning in a flexible seating style.

Our Bamboo Teaching Easel by Copernicus is often found in this space with the latest anchor charts from our mini lessons. It is easy to wheel back and forth between our mini lesson space to our small group collaboration area at the back of the room. This is where I store most of what I need to stay organized for instruction throughout the week.

Most of the bins in this cabinet are labeled using my Editable Mountain Themed Labeling Kit , with the exception of the labels on the math unit enrichment bins, which are a part of my Third Grade Math Enrichment Year Long Bundle. On the top shelf are my monthly bins where I store seasonal project samples, and pre-prepped resources used throughout the year. On the second shelf are all my math unit enrichment resources. The third shelf is where I organize my needs for the current week and month.

My weekly activities are stored in these magazine files. I also store the current monthly bin on this shelf for easy access. On the fourth shelf, I have two drawer units. One is where I tuck papers for filing, copying, and grading. The other is where I store ideas for upcoming math, reading, and writing units.

Having a drawer for each of these reduces paper clutter and visual noise around the classroom. The bottom shelf, has a large bin for completely random odds and ends and our prize box, which is used as part of our classroom economy. If you are interested in seeing how my classroom space is utilized throughout the school year, be sure to follow me on Instagram for frequent Instagram stories. Hi Laura Your classroom is such an inspiration.

It motivates me to use some of your ideas in my room. Thank you Debbie trempe. Hi Debbie, Thank you! I have loved your blog and all the wonderful, new ideas you share! I noticed that your tables are grouped into for this post.

How did that work out for you this past school year, compared to having groups of 4 or 5? Hi Diana, Thank you for reaching out. I love the larger groups because it creates a lot more open space in our classroom. We use a flexible seating approach and the students have freedom to sit around the room, so it never feels super crowded with them all at their desks.

Where can I get a copy of your Library book labels and your pencil oh so Sharp and please sharpen signs. You can find the library labels here , and the pencil sharpener labels here. And one more follow up decor question: It is so calming and lovely!

Hi, I love those Wallum Alpine Tree decals. What color tree tops and and tree trunks did you use? Here are the details of my Wallums order: Geyser Blue Tree Top Color: Dark Blue Tree Top Color: Hi Laura, Your classroom is beautiful. I love the calm organized space you have created. I am curious about where your students store their backpacks, sweaters, lunch boxes, etc.

Hi Julie, Thank you for the kind message. Hi Jill, yes the majority of the Ikea furniture in my classroom is purchased with personal funds. I typically buy one item per year as needed. It lasts a really long time…last year was the first year I had to buy one replacement shelf after six years of use. How do you keep everything so white and bright? I had light blue and white items my first year, but found them covered in crayon, pencil, dirt, etc.

The past few years I have done a black and red Disney theme to try and hide the dirt and marks the kids make. Hi Carrie, I find the best way to keep a tidy classroom is to hold students responsible for the cleaning up after the messes they make each day. On the first day of school, when my students walk in the room, they are asked to observe what they notice about our classroom environment. What does it look like and feel like to have a classroom that is clean and ready for learning?

Taking time to recognize and appreciate first day of school-level cleanliness really sets the tone for the high level of expectations we hold for taking care of the home where we learn each day. Hello, I love your classroom organization.. I see that you have a volunteer copy them… what goes into them? Hi Kelly, thank you for the kind comment. This is also where some notes from school are sent occasionally around picture time, etc. Most of that type of communication is digital now, but there are a few items here and there.

After parents empty the contents of the folder at home over the weekend, they send it back home empty on Monday morning. I just 5he the colors you have chosen. Thanks for sharing all you ideas! Hi Michelle, thank you for taking the time to reach out. The circular wall decor is all from Amazon. I have been on the hunt for some classroom ideas that involved the mountains.

I am a well organized teacher and love calm beautiful spaces for children to learn. Now I have the perfect room as my inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing: Love, love, love your classroom! I get to paint my room this year and have been looking for the right shade of blue to paint one wall. Any chance you remember the name of blue paint color you used? Thanks for the inspiration!

Hi Michal, you are so lucky…what a cool opportunity to pick your paint color! I was wondering, where do you store your district-issued curriculum items? I have many items that I can storage in a closet but am trying to reorganize and many of the district issueditems are really just resources for instruction we do the Daily 5 and Daily 3 Math. I love the streamlined look of your teacher space! Thank you for sharing!! Shannon Menendez 3rd grade dual language teacher.

Hi Shannon, I have a large set of shelves behind my sliding whiteboard where I store all my TEs and any curriculum books I refer to while lesson planning. I recently did an Instagram story showing that space and would be happy to send it your way if you send me a DM on instagram. Hi Bailey, The forest labels will be added to my store this summer. Laura, I really like your sign language signals for questions, etc. Can you tell me where you got the drawings for each sign?

Did you draw them yourself? I got the sign language graphics on Teachers Pay Teachers the store is called Teaching in the Tongass and added the text below each graphic. I love your decor! It has totally inspired me to change my classroom theme. Where did you get the trees? I am moving to fourth grade with my current students, and wanted a change for everyone.

We are going to have a great year next year with all these wonderful organizational ideas and soft calm colors. Your classroom is beautiful! Are they made for hanging files?

If not, how do you store your materials in them? Thank you for sharing! The monthly bins have hanging files in them with art project and PBL samples. Most of my samples have to be folded to fit in the bins because projects are typically done on larger paper…but saving them from year to year saves me time.

I LOVE the personalized labels on the student book bins with the pine trees. Are these sold in your store? I am having trouble finding them. Hi Michelle, those labels are not yet available in my store.

I appreciate you reaching out to let me know there is interest in them. I have been teaching for 26 years 23 of them in 4th grade and have hit a wall until now. I will be teaching 2nd grade next year because I felt I needed a change. I started researching things about teaching 2nd grade online and came across your blog and resources on TpT. I want you to know that you have inspired me to continue on with a fresh new look to the future of my career and the education of my students. I am so energized to begin a new chapter of my teaching now.

This is just what I needed for my soul. You are very talented in what you do! Thank you for your wonderful ideas and inspiration! On a side note: How do you get your labels to look so flat and sturdy?

Do you attach them to a sturdier material first? An adhesive surface perhaps? Hi Pam, Thank you for taking time to share your words of gratitude. I am so happy to hear you have found inspiration. I am in LOVE with your room!! I love the organization and the flow! I came into a VERY unorganized and scattered room. Do you have any suggestions on how to create organization and flow? Are the materials students will need easy for them to access without traffic jams or the need for an adult?

I teach third and this is amazing!! I want to change so much to my room now! Where did you get the drawers u use for math games??

Hi Stacy, thank you for the kind comment. Thank you so much!! I am happy to share my sub planning routine on Instagram stories if that is helpful.

Let me know if you are interested in that. I would love to see your sub prepping on Instagram.

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