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Math Homework Help (Rounding)?

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❶Let us try some examples to illustrate the concept of this topic.

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How to Round Numbers

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Free math lessons and math homework help from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond. Students, teachers, parents, and everyone can find solutions to their math problems instantly.

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Numbers with decimals that are or greater are rounded up, and those with decimals that are less than are rounded down. Here are some examples: rounds to rounds to rounds to Nearest Tenth or Hundredth. You may also be asked to round decimals to the nearest tenth or hundredth.

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Nov 08,  · Math Homework Help (Rounding)? I need help rounding decimals. Below are the problems: (Round decimal to the nearest hundredths place) (Round decimal to the nearest thousandths place) (Round decimal to show more I need help rounding Resolved. This free resource is a perfect, no prep week of rounding decimals homework in as little as 1 sheet of copy paper per student. Students choose nightly activities from a 9-box activity grid. As the teacher, you get to set how many activities the students complete each night!4/5(2).

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Jan 08,  · It is also referred as rounding off decimals or rounding with decimals. Let us now see how do you round decimals. The first step in rounding decimal numbers is to determine the decimal place at which you would stop. It depends on the degree of accuracy you need. The most common practice is to stop with two places after the decimal point. That is, rounding decimals to the nearest hundredth. Order matters when calculating and rounding (vs. rounding then calculating): + → 4 + 3 → 7 (rounding first to nearest whole number, then adding) + → → 6 (adding first and then rounding at the end.) Which is correct? They both are.