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Dissertation coaching services uae

Dissertation coaching services

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Dissertation coaching services phd

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R. B., PhD, Management

She helped me organize my thoughts about why the dissertation process had been so painful and overwhelming, and importantly, clarified for me that what I was experiencing was not so unusual among graduate students. She then paired me up with Rebecca and assured me that she was a stellar coach and would likely be a very good fit. Over the course of about 6 months, I went from only having drafts of a few major sections of my dissertation to successfully defending my document. It was still a stressful process, as I was working full time in a demanding post-doctoral position, raising two cats, and I wanted to hit a particular deadline.

Rebecca helped me through it with expertise and kindness. She proved to be a very experienced coach with excellent advice and process, which she balanced with a genuine interest in meeting me where I was at and tailoring our approach to the work to fit my needs, situation, and own discoveries about what worked best for me. I can not speak highly enough about Rebecca and the impact she has had on me.

I learned a great deal while working with her including lessons about work and my own psychology that I will bring with me well into the future. I am grateful I was able to work with her and that I had such support during a difficult period in my life. I would enthusiastically recommend both her and Alison to anyone struggling with the culture of academia or the process of completing a dissertation. Kathryn was a great coach and with her assistance I successfully completed a draft of my dissertation in 6 months.

Her assistance was invaluable and reaching out to you was one of the best decisions I have made during my PhD program. Kathryn was extremely supportive, her suggestions were detailed and uniquely tailored to my goals, and she took a real interest in my overall well being.

In short, she was awesome. I will definitely be recommending your service in the future. Kathryn Peterson helped me to set achievable goals, and to develop a system to track my progress. The simple act of a phone call with my coach was enough to motivate me to work, and talking through my plans with her really helped. My coach helped me overcome academic and personal setbacks. I successfully defended my dissertation in April and will be graduating in May. I recommend the services I received for anyone struggling to write their dissertation.

Candidate After having deeply struggled during the proposal phase of my dissertation, immediately after my prospectus defense I found myself falling into old habits and decided to seek help. I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with Rebecca Schwartz-Bishir. Her compassionate approach and varied techniques helped me progress quickly all while experiencing my first pregnancy.

While I am not yet done with my dissertation, my committee and I are pleased with the substantial progress made thus far. In just under 8 months, I completed my IRB application, traveled for nearly two months conducting interviews and collecting data, wrote and presented my first conference paper and have written over pages of dissertation writing.

The structured work system and the supportive and positive accountability helped change my attitude towards my work. I would highly recommend the services provided by The Dissertation Coach and Rebecca in particular. Through her coaching, I was able to come to a task-based approach to my work, which alleviated my anxieties about my writing style.

Focusing on writing rather than stress about writing, got the dissertation done! Kathryn helps identify my blocks as well as what I did that worked! She is very responsive and made me feel like I had an ally in the process. I have learned so much that will apply to my writing ability and organization skills far after the dissertation is complete. My coach Elline Lipkin was encouraging and helped me organize long and short term goals that enabled me to complete my dissertation.

I would recommend this service. W, PhD, University of Kansas The previous semester before I started working with my dissertation coach I had been stuck in paralyzing writing anxiety and had only written 10 new pages that entire semester. I started working with Kathryn Peterson in December To say that I had a lot of pressure and anxiety was to put it mildly.

I was able to use very little of my previously written work, so I was basically starting my dissertation from scratch. Kathryn was with me every step of the way. I was able to graduate on time with my Ph. After my graduation I worked with Kathryn for a few more months and she helped me put together a headline speaker talk and gave advice and encouraged me on my job applications.

I know that I will call Kathryn again if I ever get stuck in paralyzing writing anxiety and plan to work with her in the future on turning my dissertation into a publication. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Kathryn! She offers academic expertise at the highest standard. At the interpersonal level, Dr.

Schwartz-Bishir is truly a remarkable human being. Her empathy, listening approach, and academic feedback helped me at many levels in each and every coaching session. Every session helped to provide a new set of skills and strategies for surviving the dissertation! Schwartz-Bishir understands the multiplicity of issues that can a rise when working on a dissertation, from illness, to family dynamics, to self-imposed existential dilemmas! At times when I thought I would never be able to complete my dissertation, she helped me to remind myself of my larger goals, and my strengths.

The forest for the trees can be quite difficult to see when one is immersed in the tiny details of citations, paragraph contents, thematic focus, overall organization. It is easy to lose sight of the daily goals and markers that are the paths towards progress and completion. Schwartz-Bishir helped me every step of the way.

I absolutely could not have completed my dissertation without her compassionate expertise as a coach. I have been transformed beyond any expectations, in an entirely positive fashion, by the coaching experience. Rebecca helped me to ground myself in everyday deadlines and in forging a weekly Action Plan. She encouraged me to celebrate milestones, to treat myself in a healthy fashion, and never once offered a superficial response to the issues at hand.

She helped me to develop a detailed and workable set of tools to approach such a large and significant project. I am ever grateful to Dr. Schwartz-Bishir and to Dr. This is an academically sophisticated, highly intellectual, deeply skilled team that is dedicated and committed to the success of each individual on the dissertation path. I extend my highest praise and kudos to Dr.

Schwartz-Bishir, and to the entire team, for your extraordinary work. I am now proud to add Ph. I can say, unequivocally, that without the support of my coach Alison Miller and consultant Carrie Petrucci , I would not have completed my PhD. I worked with Carrie for over two years and very sporadically at times. She was able to pick right up at any point that I needed her. She was very fair about hours charged and extremely knowledgeable about all types of statistical analyses.

She even helped me work through some things while she was off taking care of personal business on the other side of the country. When I was about to throw in the towel, I talked with Alison first. Any time I felt like I could not continue, Alison was there with an adequate solution to my problem.

The Dissertation Coach provided me with detailed feedback on my writing that we all hope our chair will provide. Unfortunately, that fails to happen all too often. This was a bargain compared to tuition and it was exactly what I needed — when I needed it. I checked out several coaches before committing to TDC. Though there are many good ones, the value provided by Alison and her team is hard to beat. If you are overwhelmed by frustration and confusion, The Dissertation Coach can help you deal with it and move forward to a successful conclusion of your degree.

I recommend them without reservation. You will not be disappointed! Discouraged and distraught I turned to Kathryn Peterson and she instituted a work plan that yielded immediate results. Thanks to her excellent coaching and encouragement I regained momentum and was able to successfully complete my dissertation and even did so with distinction. Overwhelmed with trying to finish up my dissertation, go on the job market, and publish an article, all while trying to teach two classes, I was getting nowhere, and feeling terrible about myself because of it.

Rebecca snapped me out it. Her structured, straightforward strategies for writing helped me to reverse habits that had been in the making for years.

A scholar herself, she understands the pressures and complexities of academic work. More than her talent as a writing coach, however, Rebecca is an exceptional person. Working with Rebecca has made me a better writer and a happier person.

I cannot recommend her highly enough. I had been stuck on my dissertation for over two years, not knowing where to begin. I had just one summer to submit the completed proposal in order to continue in my program. When I finally found the dissertation coach they paired me up with Melinda and literally within a couple of days I started making noticeable progress Starting with opening up a word document!

With all her support and awesome tips and tricks to get something done every day, I was able to complete the proposal in just three months! From start to finish! It is exactly what I needed to know I could do it. I will definitely contact her again if I ever need help getting unstuck in the final part of my dissertation.

Grace Phelan, PhD I had hit a wall with my dissertation and felt demoralized but after researching dissertation coaches, began working with Rebecca Schwartz-Bishir weekly. I immediately felt better having made the decision to get help, particularly because I was at quite a distance from my advisor and was quite isolated.

Rebecca helped me see that completing small, daily tasks in the project actually got me more motivated and kept me rolling, even though I had little time during the week because of a full-time job. I am happy to report that I completed my dissertation last week and it has been accepted! Rebecca is a great coach and I highly recommend her. That was how I felt writing and researching for my dissertation.

It turns out I already knew what I needed to do, but I lacked the confidence to trust myself and as a result, would quit tasks halfway through or create tasks that were too huge to tackle. Rebecca helped me weave patience into my daily writing routine and I am now in the home stretch to completion.

Thank you for getting me started on the right path and helping me through this process. Your direction in terms of the project management and psychology of completing a large work such as this were absolutely invaluable to me.

Thank you for your coaching! I had been enrolled part time in a PhD program for 8 years at that point, and had to submit my dissertation within 4 months.

Working with Kathryn Pattrson, I developed a work plan that in theory at least, would get me to the finish line on time. I was astonished to realize one day that I was actually ahead of the work plan schedule. Her kind and gentle manner, together with her skills in project and people management, were exactly what I needed. I highly recommend working with a dissertation coach at any stage of the process.

Anonymous, PhD in Psychology For about two years I struggled to write my dissertation on my own, barely making any progress. Things were a mess. Melinda helped me turn things around so that I could move forward and finish my dissertation. She had lots of suggestions to help overcome my procrastination tendencies like making weekly plans with tasks broken down to manageable pieces, using the pomodoro technique, and preparing everything I needed the night before if I was going somewhere to work the next day.

Melinda also helped me deal with my supervisor and committee issues that continued to plague me until the end.

She listened to my emotional complaints, guided me to see feedback more objectively, and suggested ways in which I could communicate better with my supervisor. I started to feel very anxious and began contemplating quitting my PhD program. I felt completely demotivated, and without anyone I could trust to talk to about my work and my progress. Working with Kathryn Peterson from the Dissertation Coach helped me overcome a lot of the anxieties I had about my work, and helped me make substantial steps forward immediately.

Our frequent discussions about what exactly had to be done day by day helped me clarify what I needed to do for each chapter and what sequence it needed to be done in so that I could finish on time. Kathryn was incredibly understanding and supportive throughout the process, and even offered me guidance as I went on the job market. I was struggling to put my thesis together and I was in deep need of someone who would provide me guidance on getting it done.

I was helped by one of the coaches who helped me put a plan together and kindly held me accountable to the plan until I finally completed the thesis. I completed my thesis and graduated, an indescribable achievement. I wish someone told me about this The Dissertation Coach and their staff from the beginning. I would had completed the thesis much earlier. And, I really believe that my coach, Rebecca Schuman, was essential to helping me develop skills necessary to finish successfully.

Yes, the day before the defense. Thanks to Rebecca, I was absolutely able to handle all of this with grace. They really do mean well! Rebecca really did a wonderful job teaching me time management skills so that I can apply them to many different parts of life. The project management skills I learned through coaching will help me in future endeavors!

The Dissertation Coach system really helped me to make my dissertation manageable! Candidate, Organizational Leadership Like many other graduate students, I struggled with anxiety and a feeling of being overwhelmed when it came to my dissertation. Enter Elline Lipkin, PhD. Elline was a very supportive coach who took the time to get to know me, and familiarize herself with my study — although it was vastly different from her expertise. I appreciate her, and am thankful for the contribution she made to my doctoral journey.

I did not know that anything like The Dissertation Coach existed, however, so I set out to do it on my own. After a month had passed and I had made absolutely no progress, I found the website and got in touch with Alison.

She immediately paired me up with Rebecca Schuman, Ph. Rebecca has taught me how to combat my perfectionistic tendencies and to plan for the short-term. Using the weekly plans that we put together, I have been able to get more done than I ever imagined, and if all goes according to plan, I may be graduating earlier than I had originally thought.

Working with Rebecca has been nothing short of a miracle. Every week I am able to make more progress, and even when I have setbacks, she is there to offer help and support. I would recommend The Dissertation Coach to anyone who is working on a dissertation. I am now confident that my work is good, I can deal with the criticism of my committee, and I know that I have someone who believes in me and really wants to see me succeed.

I finished my dissertation, graduated, and shortly thereafter was offered a tenure track job. It took a lot of hard work on my end, but the support provided by Kathryn made all the difference. I would highly recommend this service to any candidate who needs help establishing a writing routine and finding support and motivation. Ethnomusicology Finishing a dissertation is all about remaining un-stuck! Having someone to help me work through the knots of my dissertation and hold me accountable was invaluable in my determined quest to submit the final draft of my dissertation.

My dissertation coach helped me diffuse the angst and rediscover my interest in the work I was banging my head against the wall to finish! I came to The Dissertation Coach in order to give my research and writing process more structure, in the hopes of making more forward motion. This structure and sense of regular achievement reenergized my commitment to my project and restored my confidence in my ability to finish it.

To any student out there who is not progressing as you would like, whether you are in a short-term slump or on the verge of giving up altogether, I urge you to give dissertation coaching a try. With the proper support, you can graduate. After years in a confidence-shaking PhD environment, I had nearly forgotten what it was like to feel capable, energized, and smart.

Coaching allows you to feel this way on a daily basis. I felt better immediately, not because I was promised a miraculous turn of events, but because I was now doing something about my situation rather than simply complaining about or avoiding it. Rebecca has helped me to break my overwhelming dissertation project into smaller pieces, pushing me to do at least a little bit of work per day or occasionally, a lot!

Endless thanks to The Dissertation Coach and Rebecca for helping to change my graduate school experience! Anonymous, PhD, Education I sought help from The Dissertation Coach after months of spinning my wheels in a vicious cycle of perfectionism and unproductivity. Kathryn Peterson immediately guided me in establishing reasonable daily routines that fit my life and work style and in creating actionable work plans so I could make progress one work period, one day at a time.

With her unconditional support and positivity, I learned to celebrate effort as much as outcome, to value continued growth over short-term achievement.

A warm and kind listener, she normalized the anxiety I often felt about my dissertation and taught me to face my fears not with judgment, but with self-compassion and courage. The skills and perspectives I learned from Kathryn not only helped me to complete a dissertation that I am proud of, but will undoubtedly serve me well in future endeavors.

I am eternally grateful. Stephanie Latkovski was absolutely incredible! When I first began working with her, I had already begun writing my dissertation.

However, I stopped abruptly after my beloved husband passed. This was the worst time of my life. She was sensitive to my needs. She has a way of helping you bring out your own thoughts and feelings. I recommended Dissertation Done to a friend and she is currently using your services. Strickland] made all the difference in the world. I wished that I had found him earlier in the process because my life would have been easier.

And make the decision early to get assistance from this company. Mine was a crisis situation and I was down to the wire. Without their help I would never have completed my dissertation on time. It was worth every penny. Russell Strickland, hours at a time, actually discussing the issues. I could never get a hold of my dissertation mentor at my University.

I was able to finish my second dissertation in 18 months from start to finish working with Dr. Strickland and I was hired by the State of California as a consultant. This would have never happened without his help. Keep up the good work and be assured your service is a vital one to all us new scholars. I wholeheartedly recommend The Dissertation Coach to anyone who seeks statistical assistance.

Having first tried working with two other statisticians who did not deliver on what they promised, I know what to look for and what to avoid , and my statistician provided professional, informative, and productive statistics with rapid turnaround. He also took the time to carefully explain the selection of statistics for my study and how they should be interpreted. At the completion of our work together, I felt I had learned more about statistics than I did in the actual statistics classes I took in graduate school.

I would embark on another quantitative study only with my statistician as my guide. Thank you for all your help. Your coaching provided me the encouragement, structure, and concrete help to manage through this ambitious project on top of a busy full-time job and personal life.

I would recommend your coaching to anyone in a similar situation! My coach at The Dissertation Coach helped demystify the dissertation experience for me. My coach has helped shift my perspective from viewing it as an overwhelming and anxiety-provoking process, to seeing it as a series of manageable tasks with a visible end and reward in sight! The Dissertation Coach provided statistical and editing expertise for my doctoral dissertation report.

My statistician statistical editing approach included time to allow comprehension of the best statistical approach to respond to my research questions. He patiently explained the regression analysis option used with SPSS. He was respectful, responsive, and thorough to assure that the dissertation analysis and interpretation was reflective of the research questions for my study. It has been a pleasure to work with my statistician due to his concern for a successful outcome.

Thank you very much.

Patrick Whitaker, PhD, Instructional Technology, The University of Alabama

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