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❶Furthermore, our readers come from all backgrounds, all walks of life.


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You pay postage for the books you send out; the books you receive come to you postage-paid. Books you request are yours to keep, or swap again! Enjoy trading Hardbacks, Audio Books, Textbooks and more. Learn how to swap books Buy New Books Click to see over , titles! I have received so many wonderful books. Read More - Leave Your Own. Printable Postage Save by printing exact postage from your computer. Why drive to the Post Office just to wait in line? By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use.

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The climactic action scene is a test of his determination to save a family that may, because of his own wrongdoings, still be taken away from him. However, -Name is a little skeptical. Along the retrieval journey the story unfold unpredictably, which drives you to keep turning the page to see what happens next. This novel made me think of many of us in the world. Some more than others are in need of our own soul retrieval. If only we could find our -Name-. Perhaps as individuals we can serve as our own -Name-.

From the second the book opened on the description of the mongrel puppies, I knew I was in trouble: What makes this book different from others, however, is that the point of view is told from the perspective of the puppies themselves. The puppies converse with each other as if they are humans, which gives an interesting anthropomorphic twist to the story. Lines like, "No one had ever told them what grief was or why it existed" gives a fascinating complexity to a seemingly easy character.

When the coyote takes the pups under his wing, the tale gains a new dimension. This is a story about grief and redemption and, ultimately, the true nature of love. There is also a genuine twist at the end that will leave the reader feeling satisfied. This book draws you in from the first few paragraphs. The book is set far in the future, and the author used quite and imagination in order to intricately describe all the different details of some very futuristic technology.

The current day setting of the book involves third generation Cybers — their emotions have essentially been removed and they are sort of sub-human creatures that think logically and follow orders exactly as they are told to. The author is very detailed in his descriptions of things, but in a great way in that as a reader I could picture exactly the scene described in the book. It is a page-turner, definitely, in that I wanted to see what happened. Additionally, the author ties two stories together throughout the book and links them only at the very end.

I could definitely see this book turning into a series with additional books developing the story more. I look forward to it! My only criticism of this book is that there are some grammatical and punctuation errors — not a major deal, but for someone like me who is crazy about grammar, I did note it in my head.

This is a wonderful read for anybody who likes futuristic science fiction type of genres! They want to know what other readers have said about it But among the millions of books available today, how will yours stand out? So what do they do? They look at what other readers have said about it. We understand this dilemma, this Catch At Dog Eared Reviews, our network of readers across the country will purchase your book, sit down, and read it.

They will then take the time to compose an honest review of your work on any website you choose. If they did not like the book enough to give it at least four stars, we then pass it along to another of our waiting reviewers, who then reads and posts.

What We Offer With hundreds of readers across the country and even some beyond our borders we are uniquely poised to provide one of the most essential pieces of marketing you can utilize for your book. Single Review Our lowest cost option.

This package can serve as a great introduction to our services. Five Reviews Lower per-review cost than a single review. Enough reviews to ensure people viewing your book that a single review was not a fluke.

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