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Homework Help: Science Experiments

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As I thought more about your question, I realized that I had given an answer that was not enough. I have neglected another aspect of our belief in witches that is important, too. This has happened in many countries, including the United States. In New England in particular, communities held "witch trials. What I wanted to convey, and hope I have, is that there is a dark side to our belief in witches. When things go wrong, we would like to blame someone, and that someone is likely to be different from us in some way.

There is in fact a large contemporary community of people who practice a form of modern pagan witchcraft, primarily based in the United States, Great Britain and Australia. They do perform spells and believe in magic, but to them magic is a way of effecting change in the physical world through sheer force of will; a more intense form of prayer is one way to look at it.

It depends upon how you define wizards and witches. Are there people out there who call themselves wizards or witches and believe they can cast spells - certainly.

Well, from their perspective they may be very successful. However, since you are asking this in a science forum, I would have to say that no, they are not real. Magic is the performance of an action which breaks the laws of science. This could be miracle healing, talking to the dead, predicting the future, etc etc. And no-one has ever performed magic. As I said, it depends on your definition, and I happen to disagree with your definition.

And no, my brain has not fallen out. I also disagree that the actions you describe have never occurred. The very concept of belief belies this notion, at any rate. So, I have a belief, and I am sticking to it. Your mileage may vary. This does not mean that either one of is more correct than the other. Just that one of us had had different life experiences which have produced a different perspective and world view.

I believe another way of saying this is, we can agree to disagree. Not accepting that viewpoint simply leads to ad hominem attacks, which I believe are frowned upon in these forums. Yes they do exist, and are very real. Witches and wizards do exist, they are scientists. If you took any piece of technology from today and sent it back to the Medical Ages, they would call it witchcraft.

The idea is that with technology beyond the time you can seem like a witch or wizard too because people would not be able to explain it and would fear you or praise you. In this world of unknown it is hard to pinpoint an exact answers.

Or we can all warp the term wizards and instead of a magical being we can describe as someone who wields negative energies that gave of light, scientists are a great example of this type of wizard haha. It really depends on what your believe in. Witches and wizards exist in as they are interesting to children and can be seen through movies such as Harry Potter.

However in reality, and in my opinion, witches and wizards are only a figment of imagination and are absolutely not real. But that is what i believe in and you should make about your own mind about this subject.

In my opinion, I feel very neutral in between about this. I wont go out and say whether or not they exist, but there are many unanswered things on this earth, they could exist.

Or maybe i have and just didnt know. A lot of them claim to have powers able to perform magic tricks , but those tricks are literally tricks that are like illusions to the eyes. The easy answer is no. Every instance of people claiming to have magic has been debunked and proved that the " wizards " are frauds.

But if it were real, how would we ever know? If the magic that exists is powerful enough, it could potentially prevent humans from ever finding out. Unfortunately, true witches and wizards do not exist. However, there are many individuals out there who claim to be witches and wizards, and are obviously not. Some people may like to believe that they are witches and wizards, but personally, I do not believe they exist! As a newish Christian aged 40 years, I was amazed at what took place in the bedroom of my house in north London, whilst lying next to my sleeping wife.

One moment I was looking at the curtains when suddenly the curtains were no more and I was looking at a huge white screen. Yet everything else in the bedroom was as normal. I was told telepathically this measurement. After maybe two minutes, Satan appeared and looked at me. He seemed about my age, grey in colour, hairless, a handsome face with chiselled features with his arms folded across his naked chest.

Thus, having such a dramatic event happen to me, I certainly believe in the Lord God Almighty because I had come face to face with the Adversary.

It really depends on the definition of witches and wizards. The people you call witches and wixards can be just people in Halloween costumes casting "Spells". Wizards and witches exist only in your mind, developed by your imagination or by reading a book, like Harry Potter.

Magic and spells cannot be scientifically proven. Everything in the world can be proven by science. Well maybe except for religious beleifs.

Even if I am an atheist.

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