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Time permitting, we shall begin treatment and give you some exercises to help the treatment process. He is a keen open water swimmer and has previously lived in Germany and Cyprus. Alan uses his knowledge and experience to give his patients a tailored pain management plan to best suit their goals and targets.

Alan has had vast experience in working within an NHS environment working with GPs, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Nutritionists and Neurologists to effectively manage patients in both acute and chronic pain.

Alan is a dedicated practitioner who uses his knowledge and assessment skills to best interpret and explain what he clinically believes is the cause of your pain, how it is best managed and how to help prevent re-injury.

We are here to help you get back on track Optimal Osteopathy is a practice proudly offering high quality evidence-based assessment, multi-layered patient-centred care and bespoke osteopathic treatment, situated within a friendly and welcoming environment.

Are You Here For As a consequence of this they restrict aspects of their life in fear of their pain spiking. Instead, we put strategies in place to reach their goals, improve their wellbeing and do the things they want to do! Many have taken control of their pain. What to expect when you come see us Gaining an understanding of what lies behind the The relationship between clinical measures of scapular dyskinesis and pectoralis minor muscle length: Scapular dyskinesis and pectoralis minor muscle shortness are of clinical interest in relation to shoulder rehabilitation.

The extent to which scapular dyskinesis and pectoralis minor muscle shortness affect The effect of osteopathic manual therapy with breathing retraining on dysfunctional breathing and exercise economy: Dysfunctional breathing patterns during exercise can result in a tachypnoeic breathing pattern, expiratory flow limitation and dynamic hyperinflation. These factors can increase the work and metabolic cost of An exploratory, cross-sectional study. Scapular dyskinesis and pectoralis minor muscle shortness are of Specific exercises involving contraction of core muscles of the spine have been shown to be effective in treating low back pain.

Keeping working to keep working: Due to earlier diagnosis from improved diagnostic techniques as well as advances in medication, people are often able to continue to work The effect of osteopathic intervention and corrective exercise on golf performance: The clinical approach used in the following case series is a newly emergent treatment concept Performance Therapy in manual therapy that combines active exercise with passive manual therapy in sporting Current clinical practices, experiences, and perspectives of healthcare practitioners who attend to dysfunctional breathing: The under-recognised and often misdiagnosed condition of dysfunctional breathing DB requires urgent critical investigation of the practices, experiences, and perspectives that underlie current clinical practice.

An investigation of the relationship between the y-balance test and the sit-to-raise-test in a sample of active healthy adults: Nonetheless, to date, there are no studies comparing Effects of a sit-stand ergonomic intervention on musculoskeletal discomfort in sedentary office workers: Sit-stand workstations have been identified as a strategy to reduce sedentary behaviours in the workplace and may mitigate musculoskeletal symptoms by allowing positional change between sitting and Short-term influence of a percussive soft-tissue technique on active weightbearing dorsiflexion and Achilles tendon excursion: Restriction of lower limb dorsiflexion has been associated with poor musculoskeletal outcomes.

Impairment to soft tissue sliding of the tendo-Achilles region is one possible cause of decreased dorsiflexion. The effect of Pilates and home-based exercise on pain, disability, and quality of life in people with chronic non-specific neck pain:


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i An Exploration of Men's Attitudes Regarding Depression and Help-Seeking by Brian P. Cole A DISSERTATION Presented to the Faculty of The Graduate College at the University of Nebraska.

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Introduction to thesis Exposure to sitting during work and leisure is common in today’s society and has been linked to metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and premature mortality (Allman-Farinelli.

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THESIS MANUAL THERAPIES: OSTEOPATHY AND CHIROPRACTIC Similarities and Differences of: Osteopathy and Chiropractic The nature of an Osteopathic and Chiropractic diagnosis differs from what cause for a sickness or disorder. Both practitioners use hand palpation which is the primary key tool used for seeking for . Jun 25,  · Can you Write My Dissertation for Me? Absolutely, but let us share some ideas that will help you get started. Writing a dissertation is a daunting challenge. Many talented and knowledgeable students lack the deftness to write a dissertation. Introduction A degree in Sports Science could assist students seeking to build a .

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Future Help-Seeking Intentions A dissertation by Clare Rachel Watsford titled ‘What do Young People Seeking Professional Help Want and Expect from Therapy?’ and examines differences between expectations and preferences for therapy as well as age and gender differences. Willingness of Individuals to Seek Mental Health Treatment: The Impact of Gender and Parent Amanda Kristin, "Willingness of Individuals to Seek Mental Health Treatment: The Impact of Gender and Parent Therapy Experience" ().Masters Theses & Specialist Projects. Help-Seeking Patterns Differ byAge-Group 6.