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❶For a price, his writers will take your online class. Surprised he still has a merchant license or paypal

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essay writing company kavoosi
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She is very jealous that a 23 year old makes more money then her. Hategoodwriter6, All anyone really needs to do is provide the court with sufficient evidence they were defrauded. All 8 videos have been archived and saved if anyone on this board feels the need to move forward with any litigation against Jordan Kavoosi. Civil or Criminal where as Minnesota state law allow.

Well Jordan, all your pissed off writers are now going to start harrassing you, you worthless. No more scamming, no more scamming, no more fraud. Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that all the people you hurt have managed to find each other? Exactly the same way you fished for us: We recommend some remedial English classes at your local community college.

Also a spelling tutor. I became interested in this story after reading the many posts by the disgruntled employee on craigslist. One of the first search results was his facebook page. Regardless of the facts of this case, I feel a honest and respectable businessperson would not post a picture on their facebook page portraying themselves surrounded by alcohol, wads of cash and flashing some sort of hand sign gang?

I work in a professional office and have to interact with dozens of different businesspeople on any given day. I will continue to follow this case to see how the legal matters turn out.

Some of the people that support are a quart low as well. Surprised he still has a merchant license or paypal DID someone say he lost it once before Some genius told him that he could get a restraining order Well I hope this news article does come out and expose his shady business.

I see another person had a problem with Essay writing Company Imagine that. IS Jordan driving while he has been drinking aw no he might get picked up because he is on probation!!! HE is a complete idiot! I can own up to the fact that yes, I myself should have been writing my paper but I was in a jam and I needed help. I then found his "business" online and decided I would try it out dumb, very dumb on my behald.

I gave him all the details and criteria for the paper, giving him no reason to return to me a profound essay from the "educated" personal working for him. Instead I recieved no paper at all. I sent numerous emails which were left unattended too and finally after about an hour of calling I got through to customer service.

In the bakground I could hear what seemed to be an office party, loud drunk baligerant fools babbling and the owner Jordan Kavoosi slurring his words and speaking to me in a completely unfprofessional mannor. At that point I asked myself "What respected business man holds office parties for minors, serving them alcohol and letting then run around and scream like banchees?

Irritable I accepted the offer and went to bed. The next morning I awoke only to find my inbox empty; no refund, no paper. I immediatly placed a call to the company and Jordan said he had just spoken with the writer and they would be sedining it to me in a matter of minutes. Soon enough my essay had come and when proof-reading it was as if a 12 year had written my paper on the female body.

When I called to ask who had written this horrid trash he called a "grade A" paper he responded that it was none of my business, I had my paper so I could be on my way. He then hungup the phone. Well clever me, the employee had emailed me from thier address so I shot them an email quick and with in 10 minutes I had a response. Kavoosi even think it would be alright to have a high school senior writing a paper for my college anatomy class?

To this day it boggles my mind as well as the fact that my refund never appeared. All I got from using this business was a late grade with a big fat F and see me posted at the top. I support anybody trying to take his business from him.

He has clearly proven to be immature, irresponisble and unprofessional. So fire up the band wagon folks and lets get our money back! Has anybody seen the emails he sent about his ad on craigslist.

I do believe a caucasion suburban mail should NOT be throwing around derogatory terms. There are too many broad statements and personal attacks to have any sympathy for the writer of the original complaint I also get a kick out of the last posting Kavoosi One more of his websites for writing essays - also there are two complaints with the BBB. Here is yet another path to. Kavoosi One must wonder???? Good afternoon, My name is Derek Wynne, I have worked for Jordan Kavoosi starting around the end of March and I am one of his latest victims who got burned by this piece of human garbage.

I have a signed contract with Jordan, the date he emailed me, every Youtube video of him saved which shows his character, in my opinion he looks emotionally disturbed.

I also have numerous emails saved with his, proof of my work and everything imaginable. The website which the original page I have saved because hes going to take it off states that he has been in business since and he is only 24 years of age.

He has committed fraud on so many levels to so many people that it is time for all of us to collectively get together instead of individually because if 10 or more of us take this to the proper authorities with proof they will have no choice but to arrest this guy. He simply is an uneducated piece of human garbage who belongs behind bars. Shawn told me his dad helped him legally so many times and he should be ashamed, this kid is a thief, he will be behind prison bars by the time he is The good news is the authorities told me they are a few signatures away from putting this creep behind bars, lets all collectively get together and do this.

I can be contacted at , I want every writer and person he has scammed to contact me and we will strategically plan this out, I already have A LOT going on right now with this case.

He figures for the price of a lawyer, nobody is going to sue him for that but if we collectively get together and pursue this that will be the best shot of putting this uneducated punk behind bars for a long time, please contact me so we can do this. You filthy Jordan and David i guess some scamster again. How can you say Jordan is good, with so many proofs and complains lying around. Jordan owes me money too. I am a writer. On March 11, at 6: Someone with the same voice had also been calling his family members.

The anonymous caller once called Kavoosi from a number that appeared to be from his own phone. When he answered, the voice called him a "little bitch," according to court records. Dana said Morse-Kahn threatened to take the company down and Jordan was in the process of obtaining a restraining order against her.

No solid suspect information at this time. Later in a restraining order hearing, Kavoosi accused Morse-Kahn, a former writer, of being the anonymous caller with a voice changer. Morse-Kahn called him several times the day his voice mail was hacked, which he believes implicates her. Morse-Kahn denies having the knowledge of computers to even pull off the stunt. Said one writer, who asked to remain anonymous: Enter to Win Two Tickets to Whethan.

Watch this epic viral clip over and over September 13 by Jay Boller. Minnesota seeing a monster surge in voter registration among the young September 13 by Hannah Jones.

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Jan 08,  · Consumer complaints and reviews about Essay Writing Company and Jordan Kavoosi in Apply Valley and other cities, Minnesota. fraud and scam. Education1/5.

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best resume writing services dc the world Essay Writing Company Kavoosi bad college essays med school essay help. Consumer complaints and reviews about Jordan Kavoosi in Apple Valley, Minnesota. essay writing companies scam. Credit Cards1/5.

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